Address from the Director

Welcome to our website and join us.

Our institute founded in 1962, is a national level research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our research basically covers fundamental, applied and developing studies on biological and ecological sciences in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. We appear as a comprehensive research institute with our regional characteristics through generations of knowledge and experience accumulation in the plateau. 

 As you will see on our web pages, within almost 50 years, we did and have been doing a tremendous job in plateau ecology and regional sustainable development, protection and utilization of plateau natural biological resources, along with plateau eco-agriculture and modernization &.industrialization of Tibetan traditional drugs. We also devote to our training programmes for both postdoctoral fellows and graduate students and have trained a large number of research talents for plateau biological sciences. We provide a perfect environment for developing and nurturing a scientific career with outstanding research support facilities like LC-MS, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope and DNA Sequence Analysis. 

We all know that the greatest challenges of the coming 50 years will be environmental. Our researchers have been confronting a series of issues on global environment since settled in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the most sensitive geographical place to global climate change. As a plateau-based research institute with a long history and international reputation, we take the responsibility to be safeguarding the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau eco-security and sustainable development of the ecosystem and its feedbacks to global climate. For this purpose, our Haibei research station shows its vital situation and real competency as a world-class ecological research site.

Our mission is to meet the strategic demand of global ecological environmental conservation, and to grow the quantity and quality of our research over the coming decades by recruiting good researchers at all academic levels in the fields of plateau ecology, natural biological resource conservation and eco-agriculture. Please don’t hesitate, if that describes you, and our research activity excites you, just to contact me or any of our staff to discuss joining us, and moreover, we are open-minded and seeking more links and partnerships with scientists from the world. It would be great to have you working with us hand in hand to enrich knowledge and expertise for the human welfare.

Thank you for your concern and hope you will find something in our web pages.

Shilong Chen

Director, Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, CAS