Int'l Cooperation

International Cooperation

International cooperation &. exchange is the most important and meaningful to enlarge our research fields and enrich the researchers' innovative thoughts, and we have been paying a great attention to improve our capacity to take part in specific international projects. Reaping the benefit of the unique geographic location of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and our forty-year plateau ecological research accumulation, NWIPB becomes more and more attractive to the ecologists all around the world. Currently, we are keeping close relationships with California State University of Berkley of USA, Marburg University of Germany, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute of UK, National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan, Arizona State University of USA and partners from some other countries. Since the studies on influence of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau ecosystem on global climatic change and its response have become worldwide hot issues in recent years, it shows precious opportunities for us to make more powerful achievements with our partners in this field. With the long-term joint ventures, the quantity of our SCI research papers has been enormously increased to above 40 per year and the quality of them comparatively improved. The young talents are offered more chances to go abroad for higher degrees and specific joint work. The Haibei Research Station of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem has become an important international open field research station on plateau ecology and the only Chinese member of International Tundra Experiment Program.