The Analytical Testing Center

The Analytical Testing Center, Northwest institute of plateau biology, Chinese academy of sciences, was founded in 1987. It contains more than 20 sets of the large precision apparatus and equipments, as well as 18 excellent technical staff, including 12 senior professional, 6 with the primary and intermediate title, 5 Ph.D., 6 with masters degree, which is an important technical support for the institute of scientific innovation and a window of showing the research strength. At the end of 2002, The Analytical Testing Center was designated as one of the first 30 “ fixed-point detection of three green food safety agency” by the State Economic and Trade Commission. The center passed the authentication of China Metrology Accreditation and China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories in 2003 and the authentication in 2009 April again. It can issue just date as a third-party inspection agency. In 2003, the center was designated as “the designated monitoring institution for safe food” by the Ministry of Commerce of China and “the designated testing and measuring agencies for pollution-free agricultural products” by the Department of Agriculture; and in 2008 it was designated as “the testing institutions Appraising the Geographical Agricultural Mark Products quality” by the Department of Agriculture. The center test reports issued by authoritative not only in domestic but also has been with the CNAS bilateral mutual recognition agreement signed by other countries that have approved. With the completion of the research tasks and test tasks, at the same time we are full of enthusiasm to provide good service for many scientific research institutes and business services both within and outside the province. In the testing industry we enjoy a good reputation.

The main business of The Analytical Testing Center are as follows:
1. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the effective components and harmful substances in herbs and its products;
2. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of ingredients and harmful substances in health food;
3. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the organic solvent residual in natural plant extracts;
4. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of Nutrients such as feed various biological samples of amino acids, protein, vitamin and   pesticide residues, residues of veterinary drugs, illicit drugs and harmful heavy metals in all kinds of biological samples such as food, fruits, vegetables and their products, beverages and feed;
5. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of a variety of minerals elements, trace elements, toxic heavy metals, pesticide residues in agricultural and forest soil;
6. The testing and measuring for pollution-free agricultural products and livestock products;
7. The analysis of water quality;
8. The Research and development of analysis and test by new technology and new methods;
9. The establishment and development of new drugs, health food quality standards;
10. Analysis of technology consulting, graduate students and laboratory analysis of staff training.


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