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Pharmacology and Toxicology of Tibetan Medicine Group

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Research Interests

The research direction of this group is mainly toward the pharmacology and toxicology mechanisms of traditional Tibetan medicine Zuotai (gTso Thal) which is one of the most representative traditional Tibetan drugs containing heavy metals. The objectives are to elucidate the scientific connotation of the existence of heavy metals in traditional Tibetan medicine, reveal the mystery of alchemy throughout thousands of years, and construct the theory and technology system on the safety and efficacy evaluation of traditional ethnodrug containing heavy metals.

Group Leader

Lixin Wei, Ph.D., is Professor of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Pharmacology and Toxicology, Supervisor of Ph. D. Candidate of the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology and Deputy Director of the Research Center of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Dr. Wei is also Member of the 9th and 10th National Pharmacopoeia Committee, Executive Director of the China Medical Association of Minorities, Senior Member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and reviewer of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Dr. Wei received his Bachelor’s in microbial medicine at the School of Life Sciences of Beijing Agricultural University, China, in 1991. And, he obtained his Ph.D. at Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001. Dr. Wei has been as a visiting scholar at Department of Pharmacology of New York University (New York, USA), Institute of Chemical Ecology, International Max Planck Research School (Jena, Germany) and State Key Laboratory of Bio-Organic and Natural Products Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shanghai, China). Since 1991, Dr. Wei has been working in the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As so far, Dr. Wei has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects, applied 10 invention patents, enacted 87 technology standards of traditional Chinese and Tibetan drugs, published 2 scientific books and over 100 scientific papers,and developed 5 new drugs which come from traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. He has 26 graduate-students, of them 18 students have graduated. And, he has trained 2 visiting scholars of “Star of Scholar in Western China” Talents Project which is presided over by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Dr. Wei is the recipient of numerous awards, including Western China Scholar Outstanding Contribution Award for excellence in traditional medicine research from K.C. Wong Education Foundation, Outstanding Scholar Award of Star of Scholar in Western China from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the honor “one of 25 Creative Talents of Young Scientists of Chinese Academy of Sciences” from Chinese Academy of Sciences,and enjoying the government special subsidy that State Depart of China. At present, Dr. Wei presides over and undertakes several key scientific research projects, including a project of National Key Technology R&D Program of 12th Five Years Science Plan from the Ministry of Science & Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and a NSFC project.

Tel: 86-971-6143668 E-mail:

Group Leader: Lixin Wei 

Group Members

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