March 05, 2024

Characterization of alkaloids and phenolics in Nitraria roborowskii Kom. fruit by UHPLC-triple-TOF-MS/MS and its sucrase and maltase inhibitory effects

Nitraria roborowskii Kom (NRK), with high economic and ecological value, is mainly distributed in the Qaidam Basin, China. However, research on its chemical components and bioactivities is still rare. In this study, its chemical constituents (52) including 10 β-carboline alkaloids, nine cyclic peptides, three indole alkaloids, five pyrrole alkaloids, eight phenolic acids and 17 flavonoids were identified tentatively using UPLC-triple-TOF-MS/MS. Notablely, one new β-carboline alkaloid and five new cyclic peptides were confirmed using MS/MS fragmentation pathways. In addition, experiments in vitro indicated that NRK-C had strong maltase and sucrase inhibitory activities (IC50 of 0.202 and 0.103 mg/mL, respectively). Polysaccharide tolerance experiments confirmed NRK-C (400 mg/kg) was associated with decreased postprandial blood glucose (PBG) in diabetic mice. These results suggested that NRK fruit might be used as a functional ingredient in food products.

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