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08/12/2014: Academic Report

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1、Title: Dynamics of rodent holes under the effects of rodent pest control measures

Reporter: A.P. LIU Hanwu

     Yuncheng University

2、Title: The role of remote sensing in the sustainable development of pasture in Three River Source Region

Reporter: A.P. YU Long

     Qujing Normal University

3、Title: Effect of light on seed germination time, niche differentiation and plant life history

Reporter: Dr. ZHANG Chunhui

     Lanzhou University

4、Title: Responses of soil seed bank of alpine meadow to nitrogen and phosphorus addition

Reporter: Dr. MA Zhen

     Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology,CAS

5、Title: Carbon sink effect on artificial pasture based on stable isotope tracing

Reporter: Dr. XU Longhua

     Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology,CAS

Time: 8:30am, August 13, 2014

Venue: Meeting Hall (F1), Comprehensive Research Building

Everybody is welcome!

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