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07/29/2014: Academic Report

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1、Title:What evolutionary genomics can tell us?
Reporter: SHI Peng
     Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS 
2、Title:The maintenance and intervention of tumor stem cell
Reporter: ZHAO Xudong
     Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS
3、Title:Tumor signal transduction
Reporter: CHEN Yongbin
     Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS
4、Title:Hematopoietic development and disease models of zebrafish
Reporter: ZHANG Wenqing
     School of Basic Medical Sciences, Southern Medical University
5、Title: Finding needles in a haystack– data mining of HIV-1 broad neutralizing antibody
Reporter: ZHANG Zhenhai
     Southern Medical University

Time: 14:30pm, July 29, 2014
Venue: Meeting Hall (F1), Comprehensive Research Building
Everybody is welcome!
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