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Significant Progress in Tibetan Medicine Quality Control

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Dec 5th, 2013, QingHai Province Science and Technology Department organized experts conducted the outcome evaluation of the program ‘The critical technologies of Tibetan medicine quality control and its application ’, which was completed led by Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The experts included Academician Wu Tianyi from Qinghai Academy of High Altitude Medical Science, Professor Jia Tianzhu from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chief physician NiMa from Tso-Ngon Tibetan Medical Hospital, and other experts from China Pharmaceutical University, Xizang Institute for Food and Drug Control, Tibet Tibetan medicine Group Co., Ltd., Medical College of QingHai University, Qinghai Institute for Quality Supervision and Test of Products. After listening to the reports, reviewed relevant information, quested and discussed, the Committee considered that the project had made significant progress.

1. Established Characterizing techniques for mineral classes processed products of Tibetan medicine, which including high sensitive minim surface analysis, phase qualitative and quantitative analysis, etc. Revealed the microscopic properties of Zuotai which is a kind of processed products with traditional processing method in Tibetan medicine, and the connotation of processes with Tibetan medicine characteristic, including turning gold into ashes,etc. Developed 264 Tibetan medicine processing standards, 244 of which are official promulgated provincial Tibetan medicine processing standards.

2. Initiate an investigation of the safety of Zuotai and compound preparation 'Dangzuo', the results showed that the test animals had no significant adverse reactions under equivalent dose and administration cycle in clinical, but mercury accumulation and adverse effects occurred after long-term high dose administration, after stopped the administration,there was a trend of recovery. Established capture technology and morphological identification technology for heavy metal in complex biological systems in situ for the first time. Achieved the evaluation of mercury compounds in vivo. Verified the rationality, safety and scientificity of Tibetan medicine Zuotai and its tradition compound medication.

3. For the first time proposed the overall pattern of Tibetan medicine quality control, and established the whole process quality control method for Tibetan medicine. The method including medicinal herbs resource evaluation, safety evaluation, efficiency evaluation of the active ingredient, the preparation process optimization. Overcome the one-sidedness of ‘a single element instead of compound’ evaluation model. Using star point response surface methodology, a multi-measure assessment method, fingerprint and other advanced technologies, constructed the overall quality control system of Tibetan medicine by the components of 20 advanced techniques. Developed 46 state approved corporate standards, 51 raised standard, formulated 2 medicinal herbs standards in ‘Chinese Pharmacopoeia’.

4. Relevant research results and technologies have been applied to Tibetan medicine enterprises. The past three years, eight Tibetan enterprises achieved sales revenue of 1.116 billion yuan and new profits and taxes of 259 million yuan. Created good economic and social benefits.

The study is an independent and original innovative outcome of important theoretical and practical value in improving the quality control level of Tibetan medicine.

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