July 16, 2009

Evolution, Adaptation and Sustainable Control on Animals in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, 2008

The aims are: with the rare and endangered ungulates, small mammals and birds in plateau as research objects, based on the combinations of fields and laboratory works, using the methods and techniques related with conservation biology, population ecology, behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, energetic ecology, chemical ecology, molecular ecology, physiology, immunology and neurobiology, to do integrative studies of evolutionary and adaptive mechanisms that animals adapting the severe environments on the plateau, and to investigate the disaster laws as well as sustainable control solutions such as biological controlling and ecological controlling on the main pest rodent species in the plateau. We have these years obtained over 50 research grants covering the National Key Technologies R & D Program of China, Key Science and Technology Program of Qinghai Province, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc, with a total arrival of funds over 20 million. We have also established wide collaborations with the countries USA, UK, Israel, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, etc. More than 150 research papers have been published including 30 SCI articles and also co-authors of at least 3 monographs.