July 16, 2009

Alpine Meadow Ecosystem and Global Change, 2008

Through the research of the carbon budget of main vegetation types on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the finds are Kobresia humilis meadow and Potentilla fruticosa shrub meadow have high CO2 absorption potential, but Swamp meadow has low emission potential. The difference mainly attributive to the difference of vegetation photosynthetic capacity and soil respiration. Temperature is another key factor to affect carbon budget on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Escalation of analogue temperature may cause sudden drop of ecosystem biodiversity of alpine meadow on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and violent changes of soil environment, which suggest hazardous of plateau ecological security against the background of future global changes. Meanwhile the effect of alpine meadow vegetation against release of global methane was reported, alpine meadow herbaceous plant have the capacity to release methane and woody shrub community have the capacity to oxidize atmosphere methane. The results provide solid theory foundation and technical support for the carbon trading, eco-compensation, sustainable development of grassland ecosystem and ecosystem management for Qinghai province.. A new genus of actinomycetes of edaphon was found in the extreme Environment on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for the first time.