Int'l Cooperation

July 04, 2009

Cooperation and Communication

In terms of domestic, we cooperated with many universities and research institutes, for example Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences; Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of botany , Chinese Academy of Sciences; Qinghua university; Lanzhou university; The Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences ,etc. Fully strengthen the advantages of our ecology center on the aspects of talent and the researching on the plateau biology, making tremendous contribution for the locality, especially for its development of economy、society and scientific.
 On the international aspect, we carried out long-term cooperative research with abroad, for example Berkeley branch college of university of California in American; Geographical Sciences Department of Marburg in Germany; Plant Physiology Department of University of Lund in Sweden; also we participate in some international organization, e.g. Asia Flux.
And with German Marburg University's cooperation research date from 1997, main development was high and cold meadow ecosystem evolved manual control experiment. in 2001 we developed the long-term observation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plain carbon flux with the Japanese State-run Environment Research institute .
In 2003, cooperated with Marburg university of Germany , carried out the research on "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ecosystem evolution history and the trend " ;and obtained the subsidy from the IAEA in 2004 , have carried out the study on" applying rumen molecular techniques to predict and improve the research productivity of yak "; Study on “the influence of global change and land use on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau alpine meadow ecosystems” with Berkeley branch college of university of California in American, and published paper named” Experimental warming causes large and rapid species loss,dampened by simulated grazing,on the Tibetan Plateau” in Ecology Letters, which is the international authority academic journal and one of the four important ecology journal. From the year 2005 to 2007, with the American Arizona University cooperation, carry out the small mammal behavior evolution research; Cooperates with New Zealand scientists, carries out the small mammal management study; Develops the predator and the game coordination evolution research with American The University of Montana ,Cooperates with British Aberdeen University Dr. John Speakman, development plateau unique animal cold adaptation research; with American Ministry of Agriculture Arizona arid area moisture content country key ecology center Dr. Bruce in global change ecology development cooperation; with “Mammal Review” magazine subeditor, British Dr. Belfast Queen's University Robbie McDonald cooperates, development zoology and botany coordination evolution research; These cooperation research's development, plays the promotion effect for the promotion ecology center's whole research level, causes the ecology center internationally to affect further expands, became the plateau biology research for the ecology center the internationalization development facility to lay the solid foundation
(1)Successfully holds “three river source area ecological protection and the sustainable development high-level academic seminar”
on August 14th, 2005 - 20th, unites the sponsor by the Qinghai Province people's government and the Chinese Academy of Science,The Qinghai Province science and technology hall and the Chinese Academy of Science northwest plateau biology research institute undertakes,Convened “three river source area ecological protection and the sustainable development high-level academic seminar”。 Altogether receives the paper abstract 103 pieces。
(2) Successfully holds the Qinghai-Tibet Plain high and cold lawn carbon biogeochemistry circulation academic seminar.
on July 27, 2008, Sponsors by the Chinese Academy of Science, Academia Sinica northwest plateau biology research institute, Chinese Academy of Science Haibei high and cold meadow ecosystem localization station, Chinese Academy of Science plateau biotic adaptation and evolution key laboratory undertaking, Has held the Qinghai-Tibet Plain high and cold lawn carbon biogeochemistry circulation academic seminar。This academic seminar altogether receives paper abstract 49,26 experts have delivered wonderful assembly lecture.