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Fruitful Results in Breeding New Spring Wheat Varieties

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Since the Eco-agriculture Research Center establishment in 1966, it has achieved fruitful results in breeding new spring wheat varieties with high-yield, drought resistance and pest resistance. At the same time, the Center also gradually expanded the scope of the study, and carried out other economic crops and pastures breeding works.The Center has produced 25 new varieties of spring wheat, for example, “Plateau 506”, “Plateau 338”, “Plateau 602”, “Plateau 448”, “Plateau 437” and 5 new varieties of other crops. “Plateau 338” has created the world record of spring wheat high yield, 1013.05 kilograms per mu in the Chaidamu Basin in Qinghai. These varieties with drought resistance and high-yield have been planted in all spring wheat zones, about 20 million mu totally. The breeding and promotion of “Plateau 602” have won the first prize of Qinghai Scientific and Technological Advance Award, the second prize of Gansu S&T Advance Award, the third prize of National S&T Advance Award.
 “Plateau 448” with high yield, disease resistance, good quality has become main variety grown in Qinghai Province, and promoted a new round of the replacement of spring wheat varieties in Qinghai and adjacent areas.


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