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Research of Characteristic Processing Technology of Tibetan Medicine ZsuoTai, and Calcitum, Terminalia Chebula

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“Model Research of the Key Technologies of Chinese Medicine Evelopment” (2007BAI48B00) is the key project of the National Key Technology R&D Program of “Eleventh Five-Year” plan. It was agreeed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance and  inclused formally in National Key Technology R&D Program of the end of 2007. The project was organized and implemented by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and nation Commission jointly. The project is divided into 10 topics, including the subject 2 “the research of characteristic processing technology of Tibetan medicine ZsuoTai, and calcitum, Terminalia chebula” (2007BAI48B02). This project was undertaken by the modernization & organizations of Tibetan Medicine Research Center, the Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, CAS; and  allying Tibetan medicine research institutions in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan and Gansu etc, China Science and Technology University, Tsinghua University etc. to work together.

The key issue of the project is security of heavy metals, for example mercury. evaluating the safety of heavy metals system - the characteristics of most processed products of Tibetan Medicine – ZsuoTai, from the traditional norms of materials processing technology,  processing technology,  quality control and safety. Study on the Mechanism of “concocted degeneration” Tibetan medicine calcitum, its character is not fixed; studying its heat, cold, flat degeneration process using the traditional and modern research. Research the processing technology standardization for the “king of Tibetan medicine” chebulinic, as accessories for the processing of the Aconitum system and the iron system.

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