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An Experimental Demonstration of Regeneration Degraded Pasture and Water-soil Conservation on Alpine Meadow Region at Head Water Region of Black River

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Program leader: Dr. ZHAO Xinquan
Address: 59 Xiguan Street, Xining, Qinghai Province, China
Email: xqzhao@
Tel: 0971-6143618; Fax: 0971-6143282

Research objectives
Providing the critical technologies and models of ecological construction for water-soil conservation on alpine meadow region;an experimental demonstration area with integrated management system on water-ecology-economy in the runoff formation region of the upper reaches will be built quickly by introducing existed technologies along with optimum selections and assemble them into a complete unit. The optimum allocation decision supporting system on ecological environment improvements will be built as well. This is very useful in practice and can be easily operated, providing ecological construction layout and design for the harmonious development between regional social economy and ecological security.


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