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Research of Characteristic Processing Technology of Tibetan Medicine ZsuoTai, and Calcitum, Terminalia Chebula 07-20-2009
An Experimental Demonstration of Regeneration Degraded Pasture and Water-soil Conservation on Alpine Meadow Region at Head Water Region of Black River 07-19-2009
Study on Process and Mechanism for Self-regulation in Small Mammal Population in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. 07-19-2009
Multi-factors Experimental Study of Pastures on the Tibetan Plateau 07-19-2009
Response of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem to Experimental Warming and Grazing on the Tibetan Plateau 07-19-2009
Studies on Carbon Fluxes of Alpine Meadow Ecosystem in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau with Bowen Ratio/Energy Balance and Close Chamber method 07-19-2009
Study on Comprehensive Treatment Technology for Degenerated Apine Grassland Ecosystem on the Qinghai Plateau 07-20-2009
Study on Degenerating and Recovering Mechanism and Sustainable Management Demonstration for degenerated ecosystem on the Three-River Source Region, Qinghai Province 07-20-2009
Formation and Regulation Mechanism of Alpine Grassland Ecosystem Service Function 07-20-2009
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