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National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 2007

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The research named “ the comprehensive utilization technology, product development and industrialization for Nitraria resources in Qaidam Basin”, obtained the National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 2007. It is made up of the application of basic research and science, technology and product development, and promotion of the industrialization, including twenty-eight research papers, seven patents, the outcome of six provincial-level identification, a new drug, five health care products and the four industrial projects. The project is to aim at the typical characteristics and dominant resources of Nitraria in Qaidam Basin, and takes the lead in the application of basic research and science, and consequently provides a scientific basis and technological support for Nitraria resources development and the formation of the large-scale Nitraria industrial chain. The research whose results have reached the level of international standards, mainly involves application infrastructure, the technology for comprehensive development and utilization of Nitraria resources in Qaidam Basin, the series of high-tech product development, the promotion of industrialization for overall use of resources and etc.
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