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Degraded Grassland Ecosystem Restoration and Sustainable Management for Three-River Source Area, 2009

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The scientific and technological achievements include one book, more than 100 scientific papers and 10 series of technique rules.

Accomplishes person: Xinquan Zhao, Huakun ZHOU, Liang Zhao, Shixiao XU, Wei Liu, Qiji Wang, Li Zhou, Quanmin Dong, Yushou MA.

The reason, mechanism and ecological process of eco-environment degradation of Three-River Source Area were enucleated in the scientific and technological achievements. Focus on present situation of alpine grassland degradation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, 7 series of model for ecological restoration, 13 series of technique rules for degraded grassland reclamation and improvement suit for local status and selected optimal model with economic efficiency, social efficiency, ecological efficiency; based on researching basis above scientific and technological achievements, 3 experimental research platforms for degraded grassland artificial restoration were established. Through closely Corporate with local livestock farming enterprise 3 demonstration bases were established: 1 fodder production and utilization base,1 experimental and demonstration base for yak and Tibetan sheep fatten in eco-migration village and 1 yak and Tibetan sheep fatten base in farming-pastoral zone. Outstanding demonstration and guidance effect was appeared around those demonstration bases.
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