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Reading disc-based bioassays with standard computer drives

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Reading disc-based bioassays with standard computer drives
Hua-Zhong Yu

Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada


Microarray technology is a powerful tool for the high-throughput analysis of specific interactions between biological macromolecules (DNA, proteins, and carbohydrates). However, its applications are currently limited to well-funded biomedical laboratories or hospital settings due to the requirement for expensive equipment (such as robotic spotters and laser fluorescence scanners). Compact disc (CD) technology is a promising alternative candidate, as it may offer versatile fabrication materials and convenient optical reading devices for microarray biochips.1 We have recently developed the surface chemistry and digital signal readout protocol for preparing and reading disc-based bioassays with standard computer drives.2-3Because no modification to the hardware/software is needed, this research promises a platform technology for rapid,low-cost, and high-throughput point-of-care diagnosis.

3:00pm on 18 November 2010

No.1 Meeting Room, Administration Building

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