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Professor Zhang Yanming attended the 10th International Mammalogical Congress in Medoza, Argentina from Aug,9 to 14, 2009

Author: Huaixiu Wen Update time: 09-04-2009 Printer Text Size: A A A
The 10th International Mammalogical Congress held in Medoza, Argentina from Aug,9 to 14, 2009. Nearly 800 researchers all over the world attended this congress.There are 6 congress reprots and 30 special report teams in this congress involving Mammalian phylogeny, sex differentiation,population genetic diversity and gene flow, evolution of sexul reproduction, protection for endangered wildlife, comparative immunity, ecotoxicology, the adaptive mechanism for mammalian under extreme envioronment and global change.
Professor Zhang Yanming, one of the scientists in Ecology Centre of NWIPB, CAS, participated the special report teams of “environmental change and small rodent ecology” and “climatic changes and mammalian faunal evolution”. He introduced his work to other scientists titled as “Life history strategies of small mammals on Tibetan plateau”.
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