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2009-2010 "Hundred Talents" Recruitment Notices

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Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, CAS
2009-2010 "Hundred Talents" Recruitment Notices 

Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NWIPB, CAS), a comprehensive and multidisciplinary institute founded in 1962, is engaged in fundamental and applied research on plateau biology, plateau ecology, plateau ecological agriculture, chemistry and innovative development on natural biological products. As the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau extreme natural environmental conditions, forming a rich biological diversity and unique species possess a number of independent features, so that the plateau biological research into global hot spots. According to these studies the development needs of academic, special to the Job outstanding young academic leaders at home and abroad.
Recruitment of  academic discipline and research directions

Relying on sector or project name

Recruitment academic discipline

(Secondary discipline)

Research direction

Recruiting position

Key Laboratory of Adaptation and Evolution 

of Plateau Biota.CAS


Plateau Origin of Species and the evolutionary adaptation

innovativeResearch Fellow

Research Center for Plateau Ecological Agriculture


The creation of high-quality crops and forage germplasm and breeding of new varieties

innovativeResearch Fellow

Research Center for Biological Resources in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau


The sustainable use of biological resources plateau characteristics and drug discovery

innovativeResearch Fellow

1. Citizens of Chinese nationality or voluntarily renounce their foreign nationality to settle in China experts and scholars.
2. Candidate should have a doctorate degree. Overseas Candidate should have abroad research and work experience over two years ,be assistant professor and above;Domestic Candidate should have more than two years work experience in scientific research, with researchers or professorships.
3. In general, candidate should be healthy and younger than 45 yr old .
4. The backbone of the independent chair or as a major part in the subject (project) to study the whole process and make remarkable achievements.
5. Candidate should have great integrity, dedication, creativity and team spirit;
Applications should include (i) curriculum vitae, recent 2-inch size photos 2. (ii) a copy of diploma, (iii) certificate of current position, (iv) a list of publications from last 5 years, (v) the names and contact information of 3-5 references, (vi) a detailed description of leadership and objectives (vii) a Chinese academy of sciences "100 people plan" candidate recommendation (table).
Funding and treatment
1. Institute provided 70 million yuan research start funds and the necessary research and working conditions for enrolled, Equipped with reasonable structure of the research team.
2. Assist apply the funding application for merit-based Chinese Academy of Sciences (100-200 million yuan).
3. For appointment to the innovation research fellow positions, enjoy introducing foreign outstanding talent / Hundred Talents special allowances, innovation research fellow post allowance, performance incentives and other favorable treatment.
4. Provide a set of housing , 110 square meters in size.
Contacts information
 Ms.Ping Wang
Tel: +86-971-6143048
Fax: +86-971-6143282
Address: 59 Xiguan Street, Xining, Qinghai, 810008 P.R. China
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