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Medicinal Plant Resources Study

Author: Update time: 09-02-2010 Printer Text Size: A A A
Our group has been involving in the study of medicinal plant resources for a long time. At present, our research mainly devoted to the evaluation of medicinal plant resources.

In our recent study, in order to evaluate the differences and similarities between the liposoluble constituents in Cynomorium songaricum populations, stem liposoluble constituents in five populations of C. songaricum collected from three different geographic regions and four different hosts were obtained and analyzed. Cluster analysis showed differences in chemical composition which were related to the geographic origin rather than the host. Four of the five populations had characteristic components, which were specific to each population.

Article: (Yu-bi Zhou, Run-rong Ye, Xue-feng Lu, peng-cheng lin, Shi-bing Yang, Peng-peng Yue, Chang-xian Zhang, Min Peng. GC/MS analysis of liposoluble constituents from the stems of Cynomorium songaricum. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2009, 49: 1097–1100. IF=2.629)
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